January 19, 2018

 Greetings Brethren,

It has been about 7 weeks since our installation of officers, but things have been busy with the holidays and our annual inspection, so I decided to wait until now to send out this note to you.I wanted to take a moment to greet the lodge and update the brothers on the happenings of our fine institution.

First of all, the installation went great.  We had two Boy Scout Troops who came in and did the meal for us and presented the flag, as well as helping with the physical arrangements.  These Troops, 118 & 336 represented boys from Green, Manchester and Coventry school districts.

We have an excellent slate of dedicated officers that I am really looking forward to working with.  Some are quite experienced Masons and some are very new and ready to serve.  This will be another great year.  We are fortunate to have had a series of outstanding Past Masters who have mentored us and continue to guide us.

Our Annual Inspection was in the E.A. degree this year and it went quite well.  WB Dutch Chancey gave the lecture in outstanding form and WB Timm Evans followed his lead with an excellent charge.  The DDGM was very pleased with our good works throughout the year and had wonderful things to say about Wayfarer Lodge.  He made a special effort to point out the meticulous work of our Secretary, RWB Jim Yocum and our Treasurer, Bro. Barry Rudy.Our DEO gave a report on all the wonderful presentations that Brother John Vlcek had arranged for the lodge throughout the past year.

Now, looking forward.  We have a number of things on our calendar and there should also be a few surprises along the way.  Among the highlights of our upcoming activities are:

  • Our monthly pancake breakfasts (usually the third Saturday of the month) (good time of fellowship)
  • February 25th, our annual Sweetheart Dinner. (once again with an outstanding meal and program from the Society for Creative Anarchism, a more or less medieval group of re-enactors)
  • March 14th, a night of bowling and fellowship at Turkeyfoot Lanes
  • Sometime in March or April a “More Light Night”—we are working on the Rotary Club for a visit.
  • June 6th, our annual steak dinner
  • July 21st, our annual Lodge picnic

Brothers, here is where I beseech you to come out and join us.  We are one of the finest lodges around, with a membership of over 400.  We really would like to get to know our brothers better and work with the community as good Freemasons should.  We need you to participate.  As brothers before us helped us through our degrees and opened up the fraternity to us, so should we do for our incoming brothers. 

We always need help with our Fellowcraft team and we currently need a couple brothers to step up and help in a few other ways.  Some tasks are more demanding, such as learning a lecture or charge, some are not so demanding, such as helping with the pancake breakfasts or ringing the bells for the Salvation Army at the holidays for us or helping with the holiday baskets.

If nothing else, please remember that our monthly stated meeting is always on the first Wednesday of every month.  Please come out and visit and share in the brotherhood that has lasted for hundreds of years.

God bless you all and thank you so much for the privilege of serving such a fine institute.

Fraternally yours,

WM William L. Lovell, Jr.                                                                                                                                                      Wayfarer Lodge #789 F&AM